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complete immediate diagnostics report
Diagorenault is an oil analysis service which analyses the behaviour of transmission systems (engines, gearboxes and axles) and can be used to warn against faults in particular. The service can be used both preventively and curatively. As well as providing a complete and easy-to-understand analysis, Renault Trucks Oils can also advise users on what mechanical work they should have carried out.

What can Diagorenault bring you?

The service can detect the sources of problems and so can be used to recommend targeted mechanical work.
  • It improves the productivity and profitability of your equipment.
  • It provides you with support and security during longer oil change intervals.
  • It helps you better manage your diesel consumption by properly regulating your engine.
  • It optimises the way in which your workshop is managed.


Get a complete and easy-to-understand diagnosis through :

  • An analysis of all the metal used in the parts subject to wear for an assessment of the general rate of wear.
  • Searches for any oil pollution (presence of any foreign silicon, water, soot or fuel).
  • Carrying out a CAPS* mapping exercise in order to find out the possible sources of any bad results, as well as their respective probabilities.
  • Information about the level of urgency through the allocation of a colour code:
    significant deviation
    slight deviation
    normal wear


Get an immediate and reliable report

  • Our ultramodern, high-performance ISO 9001 certified laboratory will provide you with a detailed and precise analysis.
  • The results of the analysis are available online within 48 to 72 hours of our having received the oil sample.
  • In the event of a serious problem being found, Renault Tracks Oils will fax or e-mail the results to you immediately.
  • A comparison is made with the results obtained from all vehicles of the same family. This is done using an international database of all makes, with more than 220,000 analyses per year.


For nearly a century now, Renault Trucks Oils has been demonstrating its expertise in the design, manufacture and marketing of original oils, industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils media and greases, coolants, oil filters and AdBlue®. Renault Trucks Oils has a global reputation as a company that makes use of industrial and human resources in order to create innovative product ranges that generate fuel savings, provide greater protection against wear and reduce emissions for all types of industrial and utility vehicles.
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